Conference Programme

12 September 2019 

08:30-09:00                 Registration

09:00-09:15                 Welcome

09:15-10:45                 Panel 1: Rethinking the Emergence of Memory Studies’ Concepts

Chair: Hans Ruin (Sodertorn University)

Jan Ferdinand (Association for Monument Research, Berlin) Analysis or Legitimation of ‘Collective Memory’? Epistemological questions to the works of Aleida and Jan Assmann

Johana Wyss (Oxford University) Anthropology of Memory: Past and Future Trajectories 

Jarula M.I. Wegner (Goethe University Frankfurt) Memory Constellations: A Historical Epistemology

Robbert-Jan Adriaansen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Playing the Past. Performative Memory Beyond the Metaphysics of Presence

11:00-12:00                 Roundtable 1: Practices and Agency: the diversion between cultural and collective memory studies

Jessica Rapson (King’s College London), Wulf Kansteiner (Aarhus University), Sarah Gensburger (French National Center for Scientific Research), Silke Arnold-de-Simine (Birkbeck University of London)

Chair: Thomas Van de Putte (King’s College London)

12:00-13:00                Lunch

13:30-15:00                 Panel 2: Artistic Epistemologies of Memory

Chair: Linda Clayworth (King’s College London)

Deborah Schultz (Regent’s University, London) Art history and the representation of memory in the visual arts

Domingo Martinez (Universidad Nebrija, Madrid) Understanding cultural and collective memory through film-based research

Guido Bartolini (Royal Holloway) Figures of Repetition: How to Connect Literary Representations and Collective Memories. Theory and Practice.

Claudia Mueller-Greene (Purdue University) Where the outside world meets the world inside you: The concept of liminality as an epistemological tool in Memory Studies

15:15-16:15                 Roundtable 2: A Discipline of Memory Studies

Anna Reading (King’s College London), Wulf Kansteiner (Aarhus University), Silke Arnold-de-Simine (Birkbeck University of London), Brian Schiff (American University in Paris), Jenny Wustenberg (York University, Toronto)

Chair: Sarah Gensburger (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

16:30-18:00                 Panel 3: Memory and Materiality

Chair: Clara de Massol (King’s College London)

Nela Milic (London College of Communication) Sarajevo ruins as backdrops in approaches to memory

Simon Sleight (King’s College London) Memory Lane and Beyond: Understanding Urban Landscapes of Memory

Dominic Williams (University of Leeds) Soil: The Matter of Memory?

Cenek Pycha (Charles University Prague) Remembering and Environment: Interplay of memory patterns and ecological discourses

Dinner TBC

13 September 2019 

09:00-10:30                 Panel 4: Memory between Governmentality, Agency and Social Structures

Andrea Cossu (University of Trento) Memory, cultural systems, and anticipation

Katrin Antweiler (University of Giessen) Memory Studies as Governmentality Studies

Mateusz Mazzini (Polish Academy of Sciences) How to study a rejected memory? Methodological and empirical difficulties in researching collective memory of democratic transitions

Katrin Stoll (Technical University Berlin) Local vs. national? Divergent memories of the Holocaust concerning the role of the non- Jewish majority in Poland

10:45-11:45                 Roundtable 3: Memory and the self

Astrid Erll (Goethe University Frankfurt), Sarah Gensburger (French National Center for Scientific Research), Alma Jeftic (University of Belgrade), Hans Ruin (Sodertorn University), Brian Schiff (American University in Paris)

Chair: Thomas Van de Putte (King’s College London)

11:45-12:45                Lunch

12:45-14:00                 Panel 5: Memory, Intersectionality and Interconnections

                                    Chair: Red Chidgey (King’s College London)

Pauline Stoltz Globalization (Aalborg University) Intersectional inequalities and narrative struggles

Harder Marie-Pierre (Sorbonne Paris) “This Bridge Called…Memory”? Intersectionality as a Challenge to Transcultural Memory Studies

Elena Festa (University of California, Santa Barbara) Digital Cultural Remembering

14:15-15:15                Roundtable 4: Memory: Analysis, Criticism and Activism

Jessica Rapson (King’s College London), Astrid Erll (Goethe University Frankfurt), Alma Jeftic (University of Belgrade), Red Chidgey (King’s College London)

Chair: Johana Wyss (Oxford University)

15:30-17:00                 Panel 6: Memory (studies) as resistance

Chair: Anna Crisp (King’s College London)

Emilia Salvanou (Utrecht University) Epistemological challenges of memories of resistance: A case study of the 1960s in Greece

Tracy Adams (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Mnemonic manipulations in political rhetoric: how do political leaders construct collective memory?

Goya Wilson (University of Bristol) Three movements, multiple epistemologies: lessons from a collaborative activist inquiry

Simon Goldberg (Clark University) Holocaust History and the Epistemic Question: The Case of Kovno’s Jewish Police

Concluding remarks 

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